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Tap into Intuit’s Online and Expert Communities for QuickBooks Help

By Stephen L. Nelson

In addition to the option of using the Intuit product-support website to get help with QuickBooks 2016, you can get direct product support in at least two other ways:

  • Online Community: Visit the QuickBooks Online Support website to connect with a huge group of usually friendly QuickBooks users. If you sign into the website using your QuickBooks sign-on credentials — the same ones you use to register — you can not only view other questions and answers, but also ask your own questions. (After you’ve used QuickBooks a while, you can even maybe answer some other users questions!)

  • Professional advisor: You can contact a QuickBooks professional advisor via the QuickBooks website. In a nutshell, QuickBooks professional advisors are just people (often, accountants and consultants) who’ve signed up with Intuit in order to get copies of the QuickBooks software at a discount price, a listing on the QuickBooks product-support website, and access to special training. (Some of these people also take a test and pay extra money to be listed as certified advisors.)

    You pay these professional advisors their usual consulting fees, but l this support option can be very useful when your problem isn’t so much a technical problem with QuickBooks as it is a problem with how to use QuickBooks to solve some accounting issue.