Switching between Client QuickBooks Online Companies

By Elaine Marmel

As you work through QuickBooks Online, you might have noticed that client QBO companies don’t, by default, open in a separate tab in your browser. So, what do you do when you want to stop working in one client’s books and start working in another client’s books?

Well, you can click the Accountant button on the QBOA toolbar at any time to redisplay the QBOA interface and your list of clients. From there, you can click the QuickBooks logo beside any client’s name to open that client QBO company.

But you really don’t need to take two steps to switch between client QBO companies; instead, take advantage of the Go to Client’s QuickBooks list box on the QBOA toolbar.

When you’re working in a client QBO company, the name of that company appears in the Go to Client’s QuickBooks list box; if you click the company name, a list of all your client QBO companies appears. Just click the name of the company you want to open. No need to worry about saving work; QBO automatically saves as you work.