Should You Get Your Accountant’s Help with QuickBooks 2015? - dummies

Should You Get Your Accountant’s Help with QuickBooks 2015?

By Stephen L. Nelson

Should you get help from your accountant with QuickBooks 2015? That’s tough to answer. If you follow directions carefully, and your business financial affairs aren’t wildly complex, you can probably figure out all this stuff on your own.

Having said that, you should at least think about getting your accountant’s help at this juncture. Your accountant can do a much better job of giving you advice that may be specific to your situation. In many cases, your accountant can give you beginning trial balance amounts that agree with your tax returns. The accountant probably knows your business and can keep you from making a terrible mess.

Just so you know: One of the things that CPA’s do for clients is help them set up QuickBooks. First, your CPA (assuming that he or she already knows QuickBooks) should be able to help you through the setup process in a couple of hours in most cases, so your CPA can do it (or help you do it) much faster than you can on your own.

Second, another (a third) hour or so of tutoring from your CPA should mean that you get enough help to record all your usual transactions.

With just this help, you can find out how to pay your bills, how to invoice customers exactly the way you want, and how to produce reports. A bit of planning and expert advice in the beginning can save you a whole lot of trouble later.