Set Sales & Customers Preferences in QuickBooks 2014 - dummies

Set Sales & Customers Preferences in QuickBooks 2014

By Stephen L. Nelson

In QuickBooks, the personalized preferences for dealing with sales and customers are pretty basic. The My Preferences tab lets you specify whether QuickBooks should prompt you to invoice a customer for time or costs you’ve previously said are billable to that customer.

Then it gives you the option to include a cute little Payment toolbar on the Receive Payment and Sales Receipt window (so you can more easily tell QuickBooks to do some sorts of payment-processing stuff).

The company preferences deserve more explanation. The figure shows the Company Preferences tab of the Sales & Customers Preferences dialog box.


The Sales Forms options relate to the invoice information you supply to customers. The Usual Shipping Method drop-down list lets you specify the default shipping method. The Usual FOB text box lets you set the default free on board (FOB) point. You can select a check box to tell QuickBooks whether it should warn you when you use duplicate invoice numbers.

The Choose Template for Invoice Packing Slip drop-down list in the Miscellaneous section lets you specify how packing slips should look.

The Enable Price Levels check box lets you turn on QuickBooks price levels features.

The Sales Orders check boxes let you control how the QuickBooks sales orders work, including whether you even want to use sales orders, how numbering should work and how they should look when they print.