Review the Suggested Chart of Accounts in the QuickBooks 2012 EasyStep Interview

By Stephen L. Nelson

At the very end of QuickBooks 2012’s EasyStep Interview and based on the information that you supply about your type of industry and the tax return form that you file with the IRS, QuickBooks suggests a starting set of accounts — accountants call it a chart of accounts. These accounts are the categories that you use to track your income, expenses, assets, and owner’s equity.

Here is the screen that the EasyStep Interview displays for showing you these accounts.


The accounts that QuickBooks marks with a check, as the screen explains, are the recommended accounts. And if you don’t do anything else, these checked accounts are the ones you’ll use (at least to start) within QuickBooks. However, you can remove a suggested account by clicking the check mark.

QuickBooks removes the check mark, and that means the account won’t be part of the final chart of accounts. You can also click an account to add a check mark and have the account included on the starting chart of accounts.

You can click the Restore Recommendations button at the bottom of the list to return to the initial, recommended chart of accounts (if you made changes you later decide you don’t want).

When the suggested chart of accounts looks okay to you, click Next. It’s fine to just accept what QuickBooks suggests because you can later change the chart of accounts.