Record Manufacture or Assembly of Items in QuickBooks Premier - dummies

Record Manufacture or Assembly of Items in QuickBooks Premier

By Stephen L. Nelson

Besides adding inventory assembly items to the Item list in QuickBooks Premier, you also record the manufacture of items as you, well, manufacture them. To build some assembly, choose the Vendors→Inventory Activities→Build Assemblies command. QuickBooks displays the Build Assemblies window.


All you do is select the thing that you want to build from the Assembly Item drop-down list and then the quantity that you (or some hapless co-worker) have built in the Quantity to Build box. (The figure shows a created assembly — ValentineBox — which consists of some colorful coffee mugs, an attractive gift box, and some scented tissue paper.)

Then you click either the Build & Close or Build & New button. (Click the Build & New button if you want to record the assembly of some other items.)

  • In the top-right corner of the window, QuickBooks shows the quantities of the assembly that you have on hand and for which customers have placed orders. That’s pretty useful information to have, so, hey, remember that it’s there.

  • A table in the Build Assemblies window shows you what goes into your product. Not that you care, but this is a bill of materials.

  • At the bottom of the bill of materials list, QuickBooks shows you the maximum number of assemblies that you can make, given your current inventory holdings.

  • When you build an item, QuickBooks adjusts the inventory item counts. For example, in the case where you make boxed gift sets, each with four red coffee mugs and two wrapping tissues, QuickBooks reduces the item counts of red coffee mugs and wrapping tissues and increases the item counts of the boxed gift sets when you record building the assembly.

Some of the components used in an assembly may not be inventory items. You can use non-inventory parts in an assembly.