QuickBooks Simple Start Keyboard Shortcuts - dummies

QuickBooks Simple Start Keyboard Shortcuts

Part of QuickBooks Simple Start For Dummies Cheat Sheet

When you’re working in QuickBooks Simple Start, take advantage of keyboard shortcuts for efficiency. Although they may take a while to internalize, keyboard shortcuts can save you a lot of time. This guide represents the PC keys to press and the action that occurs:

Press This PC Shortcut And QuickBooks Does This
Alt Activates the menu bar so you can select command names by
pressing the underlined letter in the menu or command name
Alt+F4 Exits the QuickBooks program
Ctrl+A Displays the Chart of Accounts window
Ctrl+C Copies your selection to the clipboard
Ctrl+D Within a register window, deletes the selected transaction
Ctrl+E Within a register window, opens the selected transaction so you
can edit it
Ctrl+F Displays the Find window
Ctrl+G Goes to the other side of a transfer transaction
Ctrl+I Displays the Create Invoice window
Ctrl+J Displays the Customer list window
Ctrl+ N When you’re working with a window—such as the
Create Invoices window or the Write Checks window—displays an
empty, fresh window so you can add a new transaction
Ctrl+V Pastes the contents of the clipboard
Ctrl+X Moves your selection to the clipboard
Ctrl+Z Undoes your last action — usually
Ctrl+Ins Inserts a line into a list of items or expenses
Ctrl+Del Deletes the selected line from a list of items or expenses