QuickBooks Keeps Track of Purchase Orders - dummies

QuickBooks Keeps Track of Purchase Orders

By Stephen L. Nelson

Part of QuickBooks 2008 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

You can create QuickBooks POs even if you order goods by phone or via the World Wide Web — that is, whenever you don’t request goods in writing. Filling out purchase orders enables you to determine what items you have on order and when the items will arrive. All you’ll have to do is ask QuickBooks, “What’s on order, and when’s it coming, anyway?” Never again will you have to rack your brain to remember whether you’ve ordered those thingamajigs and doohickeys.

And when the bill comes, you’ll already have it itemized on the PO form. Having written out all the items on your PO, you don’t have to fill out an Items tab on your check when you pay the bill. Or, if you’re paying bills with the accounts payable method, you don’t have to fill out the Items tab in the Enter Bills window. When the items arrive, all you have to do is let QuickBooks know; the items are immediately added to your inventory list.

Use POs for items that you order — that is, for items that you’ll receive and pay for in the future. If you buy items over the counter or receive items that you didn’t order, you obviously don’t need a PO. What you need to do is just pay the bill and inventory the items that you just bought.