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QuickBooks 2016: The Vehicle List, Memorized Transaction List, and Reminders List

By Stephen L. Nelson

If you plan on using QuickBooks 2016 for your bookkeeping needs, you may want to check out the many lists available to you. If you need to see these lists, just choose the list from the Lists menu or choose Lists → Customer & Vendor Profile Lists and choose the list from the submenu that QuickBooks displays.

The Vehicle list

QuickBooks provides a Vehicle list that you can use to maintain a list of business vehicles. To see the Vehicle list, choose Lists → Customer & Vendor Profile Lists → Vehicle List. When you choose this command, QuickBooks displays the Vehicle List window, which lists all the vehicles that you previously said are available. To identify additional vehicles, click the Vehicle button, select New from the drop-down list, and then fill in the window that QuickBooks displays.

To record vehicle mileage inside QuickBooks, choose Company → Enter Vehicle Mileage. Then use the window that QuickBooks displays to identify the vehicle, the trip length in miles, the trip date, and a bit of other trip-related information.

The Memorized Transaction list

The Memorized Transaction list isn’t really a list. At least, it’s not like the other lists in QuickBooks. The Memorized Transaction list is a list of accounting transactions — invoices, bills, checks, purchase orders, and so on — that you’ve asked QuickBooks to memorize. To display the Memorized Transaction list, choose Lists → Memorized Transaction List.

You can have QuickBooks memorize transactions so that you can quickly record them later or even put them on a schedule for recurring usage. This feature can save time for transactions that are largely identical each time you enter them and that you regularly make.

The Reminders list

Here’s a list that isn’t accessible from the Lists menu. QuickBooks keeps track of a bunch of stuff that it knows you need to monitor. If you choose Company → Reminders, QuickBooks displays the Reminders window. Here, you see such entries as invoices and checks that need to be printed, inventory items you should probably reorder, and so on.