QuickBooks 2012 Change Item Prices Command

By Stephen L. Nelson

QuickBooks 2012 provides a couple of handy commands and tools that you can use to change the prices that you charge customers for your products and services. The Change Item Prices command, which appears on the Customers menu, displays the Change Item Prices window.

This window lets you change prices of a bunch of different items at one time by an amount or percentage. To use the Change Item Prices command, first mark the items whose prices you want to change. Do this by clicking the Check Mark column.


Next use the Adjust Price of Marked Items By (Amount or %) box to specify the dollar amount or the percentage amount by which you want to change the price. For example, if you want to change the price of selected items by $2.00, enter $2 into the box. If you want to change the price of selected items by 5 percent, enter 5% into the box.

Use the Based On drop-down list to indicate the base to which you want to add the amount of percentage. After you identify the items that you want to reprice and the way that you want to reprice them, click the Adjust button. QuickBooks recalculates the prices and displays this information in the New Price column. If you want to change the prices for the items selected, click OK.

If you don’t like the prices listed in the New Price column, you can just keep tinkering with the value in the By (Amount or %) box, clicking the Adjust button to refresh the numbers in the New Price column and clicking OK only when you’re satisfied.