Processing Multiple QuickBooks 2018 Reports

By Stephen L. Nelson

If you choose the Reports→Process Multiple Reports command, QuickBooks displays the Process Multiple Reports dialog box, shown here. This dialog box enables you to request a bunch of previously memorized or commented on reports at one time.

The Process Multiple Reports dialog box.

To use the Process Multiple Reports dialog box, first select a report group from the drop-down list. Next, select the reports within the report group that you want, and check them off the list. If QuickBooks shows a report as selected (indicated with a check mark) that you don’t want, click the check mark to remove it. Then, for those reports that you’ve selected, verify that the From and To boxes show the correct report interval.

After you’ve selected the reports and provided the report interval dates, you can click the Display button to have QuickBooks display the report windows for each of the reports that you’ve selected. Alternatively, you can click the Print button to have QuickBooks print paper versions of each of the reports that you selected.