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Payroll Needs Addressed by QuickBooks Online

By Elaine Marmel

QuickBooks Online (QBO) can handle payroll regardless of who creates the QBO company. If an end user signs up for QBO Essentials or Plus on his own, he can create his own company using the Plus Payroll option, or he can sign up for QBO Payroll separately from the Employees screen.


QBO Payroll sports the following features:

  • Paying employees with printed checks or by directly depositing paychecks

  • Automatically calculating tax payments and paying them electronically

  • Processing Federal and State quarterly and annual reports and preparing W-2 forms

  • Processing payroll for employees in multiple states

  • Keeping payroll tax tables up to date without having to install updates like you do with the QuickBooks desktop product

  • Using the QBO Payroll mobile app to pay employees, view past paychecks, electronically pay taxes, and electronically file tax forms

If an accountant who is not enrolled in the Intuit Wholesale Pricing program creates a QBO Essentials or Plus company for a client, the client company can turn on QBO Payroll (QBOP) from the Employees screen in the client’s company.

If the accountant is enrolled in the Intuit Wholesale Pricing program and creates a QBO Essential or Plus company for a client as part of the program, the accountant can set up the QBO company to use QBO Payroll (QBOP).

Clients can prepare payroll for themselves, or accounting professionals can manage all payroll functions for clients.

Last, you always have the option of subscribing to Intuit Full Service Payroll, where Intuit prepares payroll for you.

So, whether you sign up for QBO on your own or through your accountant, your payroll needs can be handled.