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Non-Posting Transactions in QuickBooks Online

By Elaine Marmel

Non-posting transactions in QuickBooks Online (QBO) don’t affect your accounts in any way, but they are helpful because they enable you to enter potential transaction information you don’t want to forget. In addition to the estimate, QBO Essentials and Plus also enable you to record two other non-posting transactions: the Delayed Charge and the Delayed Credit.

You can use a Delayed Charge transaction pretty much the same way you use an estimate; the Delayed Charge transaction records potential future revenue, and you can convert a Delayed Charge to an invoice in the same way you convert an estimate to an invoice.

The Delayed Credit transaction enables you to record a potential future credit memo. When you prepare an invoice for a customer for whom you’ve entered a Delayed Credit transaction, QBO displays the Delayed Credit in the pane on the right side of the Invoice window, and you can add the credit to the invoice.

A Delayed Credit transaction differs from a Credit Memo transaction because a Credit Memo transaction updates your accounts when you enter it, but a Delayed Credit transaction updates your accounts only when you include it on an invoice.

You fill out both forms the same way you create an invoice.