How to Make Client Notes in QuickBooks Online Accountant - dummies

How to Make Client Notes in QuickBooks Online Accountant

By Elaine Marmel

You and your team members can use the Notes feature in QuickBooks Online Accountant to document any kind of information about any of your clients. For each note, QBOA automatically assigns the time the note was created and the team member who created the note. Team members who have access to the client can view and edit that client’s notes. And, you can “pin” notes to make them easy to find. You can think of QBOA’s Notes feature as a way to create electronic sticky notes.

To create a note, click Clients in the Navigation bar and, in your Client list, click the name of the client for whom you want to create a note. QBOA displays this page.

client notes QBOA
The page where you create a client note.

Type your note and click Save. Once you save a note, you can pin it; move the mouse pointer over the note and options for the note appear in the lower right corner:

  • Click the push-pin button to pin the note.
  • Click the pencil button to edit the note.
  • Click the trash can icon to delete the note.

If notes exist for a client, you’ll see a piece of paper beside the client’s name on the Clients page. Click the piece of paper to open the Notes page.