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How to Set Sales Preferences for a QuickBooks Online Company

By Elaine Marmel

To review the Sales preferences of your QuickBooks Online (QBO) company, choose Gear→Company Settings to display the Settings dialog box. Then, click Sales in the pane on the left.

At the top of the page that appears, you can click the Customize look and feel button to customize the appearance of the invoice you send to customers.


Examining sales settings

You can set a variety of options related to sales:

  • In the Sales form Content section, you can define the fields that appear on the form you complete to prepare invoices, sales receipts, and other sales forms.

  • In the Products and Services section, you can make changes to the product-and service-related fields that appear on sales forms.

  • In the Messages section, you can control the default email message sent to customers with sales forms and the default message that appears on those sales forms.

  • If you scroll down the Sales page, you can set, in the Online Delivery section, email delivery options for sales forms such as attaching the sales form as a PDF, showing a summary or details of the sales form in the email, and formatting options for invoices.

  • In the Statements section, you can specify whether to show the aging table at the bottom of the statement.

Customizing form appearance

To customize forms that your customers receive, click Customize Look and Feel at the top of the Sales page in the Settings dialog box to display the dialog box that appears as shown.


The right side of this dialog box displays a preview of the current settings applied to the sales form. On the left side of the dialog box, you can switch between the five tabs that appear across the top of the dialog box:

  • On the Style tab, you can upload a logo, change the color of the form, choose from five possible templates, and select a font, font size, and line height.

  • On the Header tab, you can define the names used for each form and the fields that appear in the header area of the form — such as your company name, address, contact information, payment terms, due date, and form number.

  • The Columns tab enables you to determine the columns that appear in the part of the invoice that describes the customer’s purchases. You also can determine the order in which the information appears.

  • On the Footer tab, you can set a standardized message and information to appear in the footer area of the invoice.

  • The More tab contains various settings enabling you to decide whether you intend to use window envelopes with your forms, whether to print the forms on letterhead paper, and whether you want to show billable time on your forms — and if you show billable time, you can set the format in which the time appears. You also can set page margins from the More tab.

You can click the Preview PDF button to preview your invoice in PDF format.

Click the Save button to save changes you make to the appearance of your forms.