How to Restore a Data File in QuickBooks 2011 - dummies

How to Restore a Data File in QuickBooks 2011

By Stephen L. Nelson

If you find that the working copy of your QuickBooks 2011 data file becomes corrupted or gets destroyed, you need to restore the QuickBooks data file so you can again begin using QuickBooks. Restoring the QuickBooks data file is easy if you’ve recently backed it up.

Restoring without a backup copy of the QuickBooks data file means that you start over at square one. Don’t forget to back up your file!

To restore the QuickBooks data file from the backup copy of the file, put the backup disk into the drive and then follow these steps:

  1. Launch QuickBooks and choose File→Open or Restore Company.


  2. Indicate what type of file you want to restore.

    You can use the Open or Restore Company dialog box to open a regular QuickBooks data file, a backup copy of the QuickBooks file, or a portable file. If you want to restore a backup copy, predictably, you select Restore a Backup Copy.

  3. Click Next.


  4. Tell QuickBooks whether the backup copy is stored on a local drive or storage device or at QuickBooks’ offsite data center and click Next.


  5. Select the backup file that you’ll use for the restoration and click Open.

    When you restore the company data file by using the backup copy, you destroy the current working version of the file. Before you restore company data files, make sure that you’re using the right backup copy and that you’re overwriting the corrupted, to-be-restored company file.

  6. Click Next.


  7. Tell QuickBooks where it should restore the backup copy and then click Save.

    You’ll probably pick the same location as the existing file. And if you do this and you also use the same name for the QuickBooks file, QuickBooks displays a message asking you to confirm that you want to overwrite the existing file. Confirm that you want to delete the existing (and presumably corrupt) company data file by typing the word yes into the message box.

    If you’re uncomfortable deleting or over-writing the old (possibly corrupted) QuickBooks data file, you can use a new filename for the restored file.

  8. Enter any transactions that took place since your last backup.