How to Print and E-mail Invoices in QuickBooks 2011

By Stephen L. Nelson

After you’ve created your invoices, QuickBooks 2011 gives you more than one way to send them out. If your clients accept e-mailed invoices, QuickBooks can send them to the appropriate contact over your Internet connection. If they prefer getting them through standard mail, you can print them, stamp them, and send them on their way.

Printing invoices

You can print invoices and then mail the printed invoices in a couple of different ways:

  • You can print individual invoices by clicking the Print button at the top of the Create Invoices window.

  • You can also print a batch of invoices by clicking the arrow button next to the Print button, choosing Print Batch from the menu that QuickBooks displays, and then using the Select Invoices to Print dialog box (which QuickBooks displays) to select the To Be Printed Invoices for printing. After you select the invoices that you want to print, click OK.

The menu that QuickBooks displays when you click the Print arrow button includes a Preview command. You can choose the Preview command to see a preview version of the printed invoice.

E-Mailing invoices

You can e-mail an invoice from QuickBooks. To do this, click the Send button and choose the Mail Invoice command from the menu that QuickBooks displays. (The Send button appears at the top of the Create Invoice screen.) When QuickBooks displays the Send Invoice dialog box, indicate which e-mail account you want to use (Web mail, an e-mail application such as Microsoft Outlook, or the QuickBooks e-mailing system), provide the e-mail address and, optionally, a new e-mail message. Then click Send Now to send the invoice.

Alternatively, you can click the Send Later button to batch your e-mail invoices for later delivery. To send all your invoices in a batch later, you click the arrow button next to the Send button at the top of the Create Invoices window and choose the Send Batch command from the menu that QuickBooks displays.

The first time you click the Send button, QuickBooks may ask you to describe your e-mail account or accounts.