How to Print a Sales Receipt in QuickBooks 2015 - dummies

How to Print a Sales Receipt in QuickBooks 2015

By Stephen L. Nelson

To print a single sales receipt as you’re recording the information in QuickBooks 2015, click the Print button in the Enter Sales Receipts window. The Print One Sales Receipt dialog box appears. The following steps tell you how to complete this dialog box:

  1. Select the type of sales receipt form.

    If you’re using a different sales receipt form type than you described for the invoice/purchase order (PO) printer setup, select the type of form that you want to print on by selecting an option button in the Print On section. You can choose Intuit Preprinted Forms, Blank Paper, or Letterhead.


    You shouldn’t have to worry about printing test receipts or fiddling with form alignment problems if you addressed these issues during the invoice/PO printer setup.

  2. Print that puppy!

    Click the Print button to send the form to the printer. QuickBooks prints the sales receipt.

  3. Review the sales receipt and reprint the form, if necessary.

    Review the sales receipt to see whether QuickBooks printed it correctly. If the form doesn’t look okay, fix whatever problem fouled up the printing; perhaps you forgot to include the company name and address, for example. Then reprint the form by clicking the Print button again, selecting the form on which you want to print, and then clicking the Print button in the Print One Sales Receipt dialog box.

To print a batch of receipts, make sure that you select the Print Later check box on each receipt that you want to print, and then display the Enter Sales Receipts window; click the arrow beside the Print button, and choose Batch from the drop-down list. QuickBooks displays the Select Receipts to Print dialog box, which enables you to choose which receipts to print.

Select the desired receipts by putting a check mark in the first column and then click OK. The Print Sales Receipts dialog box appears. This dialog box resembles the Print One Sales Receipt dialog box in just about every way, and the instructions work in exactly the same manner.