How to Perform Common QuickBooks 2014 Tasks - dummies

How to Perform Common QuickBooks 2014 Tasks

By Stephen L. Nelson

Part of QuickBooks 2014 All-in-One For Dummies Cheat Sheet

To perform a common financial record-keeping task in QuickBooks, use these commands. When QuickBooks displays the commands window, you just fill in the boxes and press Enter.

To Do This Choose This QuickBooks Command
Dealing with Customers
Invoice a customer Customers→Create Invoices
Provide a customer an estimate Customers→Create Estimates
Record a sales order Customers→Create Sales Order
Record a cash sale Customers→Enter Sales Receipts
Issue a credit memo Customers→Create Credit Memo/Refunds
Record a customer payment Customers→Receive Payments
Conducting Banking Activities
Pay a bill with a check Banking→Write Checks
Buy inventory with a check Banking→Write Checks
Move money between bank accounts Banking→Transfer Funds
Deposit money in a bank account Banking→Make Deposits
See a bank account’s transactions Banking→Use Register
Reconcile a bank account Banking→Reconcile
Working with Vendors
Prepare a purchase order Vendors→Create Purchase Orders
Record when items are received Vendors→Receive Items or Vendors→Receive Items and
Enter Bill
Record an accounts payable amount Vendors→Enter Bills or Vendors→Enter Bill for
Received Items
Managing Employees
Prepare employee payroll Employees→Pay Employees→Scheduled Payroll (or
Unscheduled Payroll)
Pay tax deposits Employees→Payroll Taxes and Liabilities→Pay Scheduled
Getting Financial Information
Accounts Lists→Chart of Accounts
Customers Customers→Customer Center
Inventory Lists→Item List
Vendors Vendors→Vendor Center
Employees Employees→Employee Center
Profit and loss Reports→Company & Financial→Profit & Loss
Standard (or one of the other profit and loss reports on the
Company & Financial submenu)
Net worth Reports→Company & Financial→Balance Sheet
Standard (or one of the other balance sheet reports on the Company
& Financial submenu)
Managing the QuickBooks System
Set up a new company File→New Company
Reset company information Company→My Company
Back up a data file File→Back Up Company
Restore a data file File→Open or Restore Company
Customize QuickBooks Edit→Preferences
Adjust accounting data Company→Make General Journal Entries