How to Organize, Print and Export QuickBooks 2015 List Items - dummies

How to Organize, Print and Export QuickBooks 2015 List Items

By Stephen L. Nelson

If you are a veteran user of QuickBooks, then you know how important lists can be to your business. You have the ability to organize and print your lists, as well as export list items to a word processing program, if necessary.

Organizing lists

To organize a list, you must be in single-user mode. Here are some ways that you can organize your list:

  • To move an item and all its subitems: Click the diamond beside the item and then drag the item up or down the list to a new location.

  • To make a subitem its own item: Click the diamond beside the item and then drag it to the left.

  • To make an item a subitem: Move the item so that it’s directly beneath the item you want it to fall under. Then click the diamond beside the item and drag it to the right.

  • To alphabetize a list: Click the Name button at the top of the list window. QuickBooks alphabetizes your list of customers, vendors, accounts, and so on in both “A to Z” order and reverse “Z to A” order.

Printing lists

You can print customer, vendor, and employee lists by clicking the Print button at the top of the specific Center screen for the type of list you choose. The list is among the options available to print in a drop-down list.

You can print a regular list by displaying the list, clicking the button in the lower-left corner of the list window, and then choosing Print List. However, often the best way to print a list is to print a list report.

You can create, customize, and print a list report by choosing Reports→List and then choosing the list that you want to print. You can also create one of a handful of list reports by clicking the Reports button in the list window and choosing a report from the pop-up menu.

Click the Activities button in a list window to quickly access common activities associated with the items on that list. Or click Reports to quickly access common reports related to the items on the list.

Exporting list items to your word processor

If you use QuickBooks to store the names and addresses of your customers, vendors, and employees, you can create a text file of the contact information for these people. You can then export this file to another application, such as a word processor, to create reports that use this information.

To export list information to a text file, click the button in the lower-left corner of the list window and choose Print List. When QuickBooks displays the Print dialog box, select the File option button, click Print, and then provide a filename when prompted.

The File menu Print Forms command also provides a Labels command for producing mailing labels for customers and vendors. Also, the last command of the Company menu — Prepare Letters with Envelopes — lets you prepare letters (and, duh, addressed envelopes) from the name and address information from the Customer, Vendor, and Employee lists.