How to Display QuickBooks Online List Information

By Elaine Marmel

Just as QuickBooks Desktop has other lists besides lists of people, QuickBooks Online (QBO) also has other lists. To find them, click the Gear icon beside the company name and, from the menu that appears, click All Lists in the second column from the left. QBO displays the Lists page shown.


Click any list name to open that list and work with it. You can add new entries, select and edit existing entries, and select and delete entries that have never been used. The following figure shows the Products and Services list — the QBO equivalent to the QuickBooks desktop product’s Items list — and each list page contains similar options.


You can set up items in QBO, but remember, QBO doesn’t have strong inventory capabilities. You’ll probably be satisfied with QBO’s inventory capabilities if you only sell finished goods to your customers.

Here, the Products and Services list is used to show you how to create a new list element; the steps will be similar for any of QBO’s lists:

  1. Click the New button.

    QBO displays the Product or Service Information dialog box.


  2. Supply a name for the item.

  3. If you do not track quantities for this item, skip to Step 5. If you track quantities for inventory, select the I track quantity on hand for this product check box.

  4. Supply the quantity you have on hand and the date on which you determined the quantity on hand.

    Before you can sell an item, you must own some of it. If you don’t own any at the time you create the item, you’ll probably buy some of it using an expense transaction, and that will update your quantities for you.

  5. In the Sales Information section, you can supply a default description and price you charge when you sell this item.

    QBO uses this information when you select this item on sales transactions.

  6. In the Purchasing Information section, you can supply a default description and cost you pay when you purchase the item.

    QBO uses this information when you select this item on expense transactions.

  7. Scroll down in the dialog box and, if necessary, change the Income account and the Expense account that QBO suggests.

    Also select or deselect the Is taxable check box as appropriate.


  8. Click Save.

    QBO saves the item and redisplays the Products and Services list; the new item appears in the list.

You also can print a basic report by clicking the Print button on any list page, and a more detailed report for a list entry by selecting it and then clicking the Report button.