How to Copy an Existing Estimate in QuickBooks Online - dummies

How to Copy an Existing Estimate in QuickBooks Online

By Elaine Marmel

Suppose that you have an existing estimate in QuickBooks Online (QBO) — even one you’ve already converted to an invoice — and you want to create a new estimate using most of the information on the existing invoice.

You can make a copy of the existing estimate, edit the copy as needed, and then save the new estimate. Making a copy saves you time because you don’t need to reenter a lot of information.

On the Sales Transactions list, double-click the estimate you want to copy to open it in the Estimate window. Then, at the bottom of the window, click the More button and, from the menu that appears, click Copy.


QBO opens a new estimate that already contains the information of the estimate you copied. Just above the Billing Address information, you see a message that explains that the estimate you’re viewing is a copy and you should make any changes you need.


For example, change the customer, and QBO updates the Billing Address information. Feel free to add or delete lines as needed. When you finish making changes, click Save or Save and Send, as appropriate.