How to Clean Up Company Files in QuickBooks 2011 - dummies

How to Clean Up Company Files in QuickBooks 2011

By Stephen L. Nelson

When you clean up the QuickBooks company file, QuickBooks saves an archival copy of that file. The process also makes the data file smaller by removing and summarizing many old detail transactions using big monster journal entries.

To archive the QuickBooks company file, follow these steps:

1Choose File→Utilities→Clean Up Company Data.

The Clean Up Company Data dialog box appears.

2Select the Remove Transactions as of a Specific Date radio button.

This option tells QuickBooks that you want to do two things: Create an archival copy of the QuickBooks data file and skinny down the size of the working company file so that it isn’t so big.

3Specify the Remove Closed Transactions On or Before date and click Next.

To specify the date before which closed transactions should be removed, enter the date into the date box provided. You remove closed transactions only if your QuickBooks company file is getting too big. You can easily work with a QuickBooks company file that is 25, 50, or even 100MB. (If you’re interested. press Ctrl+1 to display a window that shows how big your QuickBooks data file is.)

4Specify any additional criteria that you want QuickBooks to apply for removing transactions and click Next.

You may have transactions that will never clear or never be printed or sent, for example. To indicate that some of these old transactions should also be removed, select the check box that corresponds to the removal criterion. To remove old invoices and estimates that are still marked as to be sent, select the Remove Invoices and Estimates Marked ‘To Be Sent’ check box.

5Specify any other list cleanup that should occur and click Next.

This is your opportunity to get rid of information that you don’t use anymore or that you’re sure you won’t need again.

6Confirm your clean-up and archiving operation.

If you made a mistake, click the Back button to change your previous selections.

7Click Begin Cleanup.

At the very beginning of the clean-up process, QuickBooks prompts you to back up the QuickBooks company file.

8Back up the data file when prompted.

Backing up the QuickBooks company file as part of a clean-up operation works the same as backing up the QuickBooks company file at any other time.