How to Change Settings for People Lists in QuickBooks Online - dummies

How to Change Settings for People Lists in QuickBooks Online

By Elaine Marmel

You can control the appearance of the lists on the Customers page, the Vendors page, and the Employees page. For example, you can opt to show or hide street address and email information, and you can opt to include or exclude inactive entries in the list. You also can control the number of entries displayed on each page, as well as adjust those entries’ column widths.

Click the appropriate link in the Navigation bar to display the associated page.

To control the information displayed in the list, click the Gear icon at the right edge of the page just above the list’s labels. Then select or deselect check boxes to display or hide information. Click outside the list when you finish.


When you click outside the list, click in the empty area at the bottom of the Navigation bar (below the Apps link) so that you don’t accidentally navigate away from the current page.

To adjust the width of any column, slide the mouse pointer into the row of labels above the list and place it over the right edge of the column you want to adjust. When the mouse pointer changes to a pair of vertical lines and a pair of horizontal arrows pointing outward, drag the mouse. Release the mouse button when you’re satisfied with the column width.