How to Change Item Types in QuickBooks Online

By Elaine Marmel

Originally, QBO offered only two types of items: inventory and service. With the introduction of a non-inventory item, users find that they need to change the type of existing service items to non-inventory items. You can change a service or non-inventory item’s type individually or you can select several items and change their item types simultaneously.

To change any single item’s type, edit that item by clicking Edit in the Action column of the Products and Services list. QBO displays the item in the Product/Service information panel.

Changing an individual item's type.
Changing an individual item’s type.

QBO displays the panel shown in the following figure; the current item type contains a check mark. Click the new item type, and QBO redisplays the Product/Service Information panel using the new item type. Make any other necessary changes and then click Save and Close.

Use this panel to select a new item type.
Use this panel to select a new item type.

Changing the type of a single item using the method just described works well when you need to change only one item. But when you need to change multiple items, use the following approach to change items of the same type to a different type:

  1. On the Products and Services page, select the check box that appears to the left of each item you want to change.

    Make sure that you select either service items or non-inventory items, but not both.

    QBO displays two buttons above the table of items.

    Changing the type of multiple items simultaneously.
    Changing the type of multiple items simultaneously.
  2. Click the Change Type button and select the new type for the selected items.

    QBO whirs a bit and then redisplays the Products and Services list, showing the new item types for the items you selected in Step 1.