How to Add Custom Fields to Items on the Item List in QuickBooks 2013 - dummies

How to Add Custom Fields to Items on the Item List in QuickBooks 2013

By Stephen L. Nelson

If you’ve worked much with the New Item window, you may have noticed the Custom Fields command button that appears on many, although not all, of the New Item windows in QuickBooks 2013.

The Custom Fields button enables you to add your own custom fields to the Item list. To add a custom field, click the Custom Fields button. When you do, QuickBooks displays a Message box and then a small dialog box labeled Custom Fields for Unnamed Item.

When QuickBooks displays the Custom Fields for Unnamed Item dialog box, click the Define Fields button. QuickBooks then displays the Set Up Custom Fields for Items dialog box.


To add custom fields for the item, use the Label column to name the fields and then check the Use column for each field you want to appear. For example, if you want to add a custom field for Insured Value, enter the label Insured Value into the first row of the Label column, and check the Use column.

Note: If you’re working with the Enterprise Solutions version of QuickBooks, QuickBooks provides a What Kind of Data column you can use to specify the type of information that can be entered into the new custom field: text, numbers, and so on.

Use the Required on Trans and Required on List columns to tell QuickBooks you want to specify the items for which the custom field is required. When you select either Required column, QuickBooks displays another dialog box that lets you select the types of items that need the custom field.

When you click OK, QuickBooks redisplays the Custom Fields for Unnamed Item dialog box. The Custom Fields for Unnamed Item dialog box now shows the new custom field — in this example, Insured Value.


Note that custom fields are available for all items. Also note that you see custom fields for items by displaying the item’s information in the New Item window or the Edit Item window and then clicking the Custom Fields button.