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General Limitations of Importing Desktop QuickBooks Data into QuickBooks Online

By Elaine Marmel

When you convert a desktop QuickBooks company to QuickBooks Online (QBO), some data fully converts, some partially converts, and some doesn’t convert at all. In addition, QBO contains comparable features for some desktop QuickBooks features and doesn’t contain comparable features for others.

As you’d expect, you might bump up against limitations while trying to import your desktop QuickBooks data into QBO. Detailed information about those limitations can be found in a series of tables in web extra articles at QuickBooks Online For Dummies Extras. In some cases, additional information just didn’t fit well in the table, so that information is included in the article “How QuickBooks Desktop Lists Convert to QuickBooks Online.”

For more information, visit the QuickBooks FAQ, “Why some data doesn’t come over from QuickBooks desktop.”

The tables provide detailed information; generally, here’s a list of what doesn’t convert:

  • Subtotal items, sales tax group items, and other group items

  • Memorized transactions and reports

  • Some payroll items

  • Customer and vendor accounts, types, contact information, credit card and limit information, and sales reps

  • Customer, vendor, employee and item custom field information

  • Attached documents

  • Price levels

  • Sales form templates

  • Pending transactions

  • Reconciliation reports

Note that budgets are available only in QuickBooks Online Plus.

Also, inventory items do convert. However, if you have hundreds of items, you might opt not to convert inventory and then do some clean-up and set-up work to balance things in your QBO company.