Fast Editing with QuickBooks Keystrokes - dummies

By Veechi Curtis

Part of QuickBooks QBi For Dummies Cheat Sheet

When you’re working with QuickBooks you’ll want to edit your files. One of the great features of QuickBooks is these keyboard shortcuts, which will help you fly through your bookkeeping.

QuickBooks Key or Keystroke Combination Shortcut Result
+ Increases cheque or invoice number by one
Decreases cheque or invoice number by one
Ctrl-C Copies your selection to the Clipboard
Ctrl-D Deletes current transaction or item (if allowed)
Ctrl-E Opens transaction selected in register, ready for editing
Ctrl-V Pastes whatever is currently sitting in your Clipboard
Ctrl-X Moves your selection to the Clipboard
Ctrl-Z Undoes your last action (within current field only)
Ctrl-Del Deletes line from detail area
Ctrl-Ins Inserts line in detail area
Ctrl-Enter Records the current transaction