Examining Options to Receive Customer Payments in QuickBooks Online

By Elaine Marmel

With QuickBooks Online, you have different options for receiving customer payments. The Payments tab of the Account and Settings dialog box offers you a way to connect with Intuit Merchant Services via a QuickBooks Payments account.

If you don’t have a QuickBooks Payments account with Intuit and you want one, click the Learn More button. If you already have a QuickBooks Payments account, you can click the Connect button to connect your QBO account with your QuickBooks Payments account.

Bank transfers are free, and there are no monthly fees associated with accepting credit card payments — just a “per transaction” fee, and that fee varies, depending on whether you swipe a card, accept a payment online, or key in a credit card number.

QuickBooks Payments is the name Intuit uses to describe the service it offers that enables you to accept credit cards or bank transfers from your customers and email invoices that contain a Pay Now button so that your customers can pay you online. You might also know this service as GoPayment or Merchant Services.