Everyday Shortcuts in QuickBooks - dummies

Everyday Shortcuts in QuickBooks

Part of QuickBooks For Dummies Cheat Sheet (Australian Edition)

If you can type, then using keyboard shortcuts in QuickBooks works much faster toying with a mouse. Simply press the Ctrl key on your PC, together with one of these letters or symbols, and off you go!

QuickBooks Key or Keystroke Combination Shortcut Result
Ctrl-A Opens your Chart of Accounts
Ctrl-F Finds transactions, by amount, date, memo or name
Ctrl-G Takes you to a transfer account’s register
Ctrl-H Displays the history of any accounts receivable or payable
Ctrl-I Takes you to the Create Invoice window
Ctrl-J Opens the Customer Centre
Ctrl-L Opens a drop-down menu’s list
Ctrl-M Memorises the current transaction or report
Ctrl-N Creates a new transaction for the active window
Ctrl-P Prints an on-screen form or register
Ctrl-Q Produces a QuickReport for a transaction or item
Ctrl-R Displays the account register
Ctrl-T Opens a memorised transaction list
Ctrl-U Uses a list item (try Ctrl-L and Ctrl-U together for a super
Ctrl-W Takes you to Write Cheques (where you record all types of
Ctrl-Y Opens an account’s transactional journal
Ctrl-F4 Closes the active window
F1 Opens help for active window
F2 Displays info about your current QuickBooks version
Right-click Shows a list of nifty commands relevant to wherever you are in