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What You Should Do after Converting a QuickBooks Desktop Company into QuickBooks Online

By Elaine Marmel

After you finish converting your QuickBooks company to QBO, you need to double-check things to make sure your data looks the way you expected. Check your email; you’ll find that the acknowledgement you received confirming that the data was imported contains an attached Import Summary report — an Excel file that helps you determine what information in the QuickBooks desktop company didn’t make it to the QBO company.

If your client does the conversion and you are the accountant user for the QBO account, you’ll receive the report and your client won’t unless you send it to him.

In addition to reviewing the Import Summary report, you should run and compare the Profit & Loss report, the Balance Sheet, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, sales tax liability, and, if appropriate, payroll liability reports for both the desktop QuickBooks company and the QBO company. Be sure you run these reports using the Accrual basis with the dates set to All. Use the Accrual basis because reports run in both products using the Cash basis might not match.

Need a do-over? During the first 60 days of a subscription, you get a “do-over” on importing data into a QBO company, which can be useful if things don’t import as you expect. Just go through the process of importing again.

Want to undo an import? Suppose you’re not happy with the results of importing and you decide that you simply want to enter data manually into your company. You can clear the data from the QBO company by purging it. Open the company and click Home so that you’re viewing the QBO company home page.

Go to QBO. A page appears that describes what will be deleted and asks if you’re sure. Type yes in the lower right corner and click OK, and QBO purges the data from your company. If you change your mind and don’t want to purge, click Cancel in the lower right corner.

You cannot purge data from the Your Books company. But you can clear the data from the Your Books company if you import a company from QuickBooks Desktop that contains no data. Intuit even provides an empty company file that you can use.

And, here’s a checklist of things you probably need to do to make the imported QBO company ready for use:

  • Set up company users.
  • Set up sales tax items.
  • Set up payroll, either through Intuit Online Payroll or QBOP.
  • Reconcile accounts as needed.
  • Review lists and make appropriate entries inactive as necessary.
  • Set up recurring transactions to replace desktop QuickBooks memorized transactions.
  • Re-create any necessary non-posting transactions, such as purchase orders.
  • Review inventory.
  • Customize forms and reports and, if appropriate, memorize reports.
  • Set up a closing date password.