Control How Jobs and Estimates Work with QuickBooks 2012 - dummies

Control How Jobs and Estimates Work with QuickBooks 2012

By Stephen L. Nelson

Because no personal preferences are available for Jobs & Estimates preferences in QuickBooks 2012, the My Preferences tab for this Preferences set shows no options. However, you have several Company Preferences available regarding jobs and estimates. The Pending text box lets you describe what term or word should be used for jobs that have been submitted but haven’t been accepted or rejected.

The Awarded box lets you provide a term or description that you want to use within QuickBooks to identify those jobs that customers or clients have accepted. The default description of an awarded job is, cleverly, Awarded. The In Progress, Closed, and Not Awarded boxes similarly let you describe what term you want to use for jobs that fit into these categories.


The Do You Create Estimates? radio buttons let you indicate to QuickBooks whether you want to create job estimates for customers. You select the radio button — Yes or No — that answers the question. The Do You Do Progress Invoicing? buttons let you indicate whether you do progress billing for jobs.

The Warn About Duplicate Estimate Numbers check box, if selected, tells QuickBooks to warn you about using duplicate estimate numbers. The Don’t Print Items That Have Zero Amount check box, if selected, tells QuickBooks not to print estimates that have zero balances.