How to Control the Appearance of Bank Accounts in QuickBooks Online

By Elaine Marmel

There’s a few things you can do to make your life easier while working with Bank accounts. Bank accounts (and Credit Card accounts) appear on the QuickBooks Online Home page and also on the Bank and Credit Cards page. You can control the order in which your accounts appear on these pages. For example, perhaps you’d like your accounts to appear in alphabetical order. Or maybe you’d like them to appear in most used order. Whatever works for you.

On the QBO Home page, click the pencil that appears to the right of Bank Accounts. The pencil changes to the Save button. Then using the icon that appears to the left of an account, drag up or down to move the account. Once the accounts appear in the order you want, click the Save button. Changes you make will appear on both the Home page and on the Bank and Credit Cards page.

In addition to changing the order of accounts, you can, to some extent, control the information that appears in the table on the Bank and Credit Cards page. For example, you can opt to

  • Display check numbers
  • Display Payee names
  • Make the date field editable so that you can change it if necessary
  • Display more detailed information about a transaction by displaying information provided by the bank
  • Copy bank detail information into the Memo field

You can display the Memo field in an individual bank register.

To display the Bank and Credit Cards page, choose Transactions →   Banking. To make changes to the page’s appearance, click the Gear button that appears just above the Action column.

You also can make adjustments to the column widths in the table on the Bank and Credit Cards page, and QBO will remember any column width adjustments you make, even after you sign out of QBO and then sign back in.