Changing User Rights in QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 2012 - dummies

Changing User Rights in QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 2012

By Stephen L. Nelson

In QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions, you can also modify the rights that you assign to a user. To do this, choose the Company→Users→Set Up Users and Roles command to display the Users and Roles dialog box, as shown below.


To change a user’s rights after reviewing them, select the user and click the Edit button. This tells QuickBooks to display the Edit User dialog box (see illustration below), which closely resembles the New User dialog box you used to originally set up the user and describe his or her rights.

You use the User Name, Password, and Confirm Password text boxes to change the user information. You can use the Available Roles, Assigned Roles, and Add and Remove buttons to make changes to what the user can do within QuickBooks.


To duplicate a user (which you might want to add a second user with permissions that mirror some other user’s permissions), select the user you want to clone and then click Duplicate. When QuickBooks displays a Duplicate User dialog box, which works like the New User dialog box except that it’s partially filled out using the existing user’s information, finish describing the new user and click OK.

To remove a user, you also use the User and Roles dialog box. Simply select the user and then click the Delete button. QuickBooks asks you to confirm your deletion. When you click the Yes button for confirmation, QuickBooks removes the user.