Why Can’t I Migrate a Client to Wholesale Billing in Quickbooks Online?

By Elaine Marmel

The Wholesale Billing program for QuickBooks Online is very helpful, but it can get sticky at times. Some QBO users wanting to migrate clients to Wholesale Billing have run into issues. You might not be able to move a particular client to your Wholesale Billing subscription for a variety of reasons. For example, your client must have an active monthly billing subscription and must appear on your QBOA Client List.

In addition,

  • The client QBO company’s Next Payment Date must be within 33 days of the day you attempt to add the company to your Wholesale Billing subscription.
  • Clients must have an active monthly billing subscription and be listed within the QBOA Client List.
  • You can change a yearly billing subscription to a monthly billing subscription, but only 30 days before the next annual billing date.
  • The QBO client’s region (US, UK, AU, FR, or Canada) must match your QBOA region.
  • The QBO client must be using QBO Essentials or QBO Plus. You cannot add QBO Simple Start companies to a Wholesale Billing subscription.