Batch-Printing Invoices with Quickbooks 2006 - dummies

Batch-Printing Invoices with Quickbooks 2006

By Stephen L. Nelson

If you want to print invoices in a batch in QuickBooks 2006, you need to mark the To Be Printed check box that appears in the lower-left corner of the Create Invoices window. This check mark tells QuickBooks to put a copy of the invoice on a special invoices-to-be-printed list.

When you later want to print the invoices-to-be-printed list, follow these steps:

1. Display the Create Invoices window (choose Customers –> Create Invoices), click the arrow next to the Print button, and select Print Batch from the drop-down list.

QuickBooks displays the Select Invoices to Print dialog box. This box lists all the invoices that you marked as To Be Printed that you haven’t yet printed.

2. Select the invoices that you want to print.

Initially, QuickBooks marks all the invoices with a check mark, indicating that they will be printed. You can select and deselect individual invoices on the list by clicking them. You also can use the Select All and the Select None buttons. Click Select All to mark all the invoices. Click Select None to deselect all the invoices.

3. Click OK.

After you correctly mark all the invoices you want to print — and none of the ones you don’t want to print — click OK. QuickBooks displays the Print Invoices dialog box.

4. (Optional) Select the type of invoice form.

If you use a different type of invoice form than you described during the invoice setup, select the type of form that you want to print on by using the Print On options. You can choose Intuit Preprinted Forms, Blank Paper, or Letterhead.

5. Print the forms.

Click the Print button to send the selected invoice forms to the printer. QuickBooks prints the forms and then displays a message box that asks whether the forms printed correctly.

6. Review the invoice forms and reprint them if necessary.

Review the invoices to see whether QuickBooks printed all of them correctly. If all the forms look okay, click OK in the message box. If one or more forms don’t look okay, enter the invoice number of the first bad form in the message box. Then fix whatever problem fouled up the form (perhaps you printed it on the wrong paper, for example) and reprint the bad form(s) by clicking the Print button again. (The Print button is in the Print Invoices dialog box.)