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Add-On Apps for QuickBooks Online

By Elaine Marmel

QuickBooks Online (QBO) doesn’t operate as a completely, stand-alone accounting solution. It has functional limitations. You can use Intuit add-ons to achieve more functionality in QBO. But those aren’t the only apps available for QBO; third-party developers have been creating apps to enhance the functionality of QBO. And, over time, you can expect more apps to be developed.

You can click the Apps link in the Navigation bar that runs down the left side of QBO to visit the App Center and explore available apps.


Click any app to navigate to a page that describes the app and provides pricing information.


Although add-on apps can provide additional functionality in QBO, some functionality is still missing; no doubt, that functionality will appear over time. For example, using QBO, you can’t

  • Track your balance sheet by class

  • Process more than 350,000 transactions annually

  • Prepare international transactions

  • Track labor costs

  • Manage a robust inventory

  • Prepare and track progress invoices

But apps are making inroads to eliminating these limitations.