Add Information to the Company File during QuickBooks 2012’s Setup

By Stephen L. Nelson

No matter whether you use the Express Start method of creating a company file or the Advanced Setup/EasyStep Interview method, after you and QuickBooks 2012 set up the company file, QuickBooks prompts you to enter your own information to the company file.


Describe customers, vendors, and employees to QuickBooks 2012

To describe customers, vendors, and employees, click the first Add button. QuickBooks asks if it’s possible to get this data from someplace else like an e-mail program or e-mail service (Outlook, Gmail, and so forth) or if you just want to enter the information manually into a worksheet.

Probably you’re going to enter the information manually, so click that button and then Continue. When QuickBooks displays a worksheet window, enter each customer, vendor, or employee into its own row and be sure to include both the name and address information.


Click Continue when you finish. QuickBooks then asks if you want to enter opening balances (amounts you owe or are owed) for customers and vendors. Indicate that you do by clicking the Enter Opening Balances link and then enter the open balances into the screen that QuickBooks provides.

Describe services and inventory items you sell to QuickBooks 2012

To describe the stuff you sell, click the second Add button. QuickBooks asks about the stuff you sell — for example, if you sell services, if you sell inventory items, and whether you want to track any such inventory items you sell. Answer these questions by clicking the option button that conforms to your situation, and then click Continue.

When QuickBooks displays a worksheet window, describe each item you sell using a worksheet row. Be sure to also describe any inventory items you’re holding at the time you convert to QuickBooks. Click Continue when you finish. If you have more than one type of item you sell, you need to repeat this process for each type of items.

Describe business bank accounts to QuickBooks 2012

To describe your business bank account (or bank accounts), click the third Add button. When QuickBooks displays the Add Your Bank Accounts worksheet window (not shown), provide each bank account’s name, account number, and balance on the conversion date. When you finish entering this information, click Continue.