6 Features That Convert Completely or Have Comparable Features in QuickBooks Online

By Elaine Marmel

This table lists transactions and features that fully convert from a desktop QuickBooks company to a QuickBooks Online (QBO) company or have comparable features in QBO. For more information, visit the QuickBooks FAQ, “Why some data doesn’t come over from QuickBooks desktop.”

Area Type of Data
Customers Credit memos and refunds, invoices, sales receipts, and online
Vendors Bills, bill payments, preparing and printing 1099s.
Employees Time tracking. Payroll accounts and transactions convert but
the details behind the transactions, such as employee year-to-date
information, do not convert. QuickBooks Online Plus provides the
feature comparable to Payroll in the QuickBooks desktop
Banking Credit card charges, journal entries, reconciliation, transfer
funds, write checks, and make deposits.
Lists Accounts, classes, and payment methods
Other Accountant’s Review feature