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3 Task-Management Tools from QuickBooks 2014

By Stephen L. Nelson

QuickBooks isn’t just a data entry system for collecting accounting information, it’s also a tool for ensuring that financial and accounting stuff gets done: QuickBooks 2014 can help you see to it that bills are paid, tax returns are filed, customers are invoiced, those invoices are printed, and so on. Discover three useful tools for making sure that the accounting stuff you need to stay on top of gets done: To Do List, Reminders, and Alerts Manager

Get organized with the QuickBooks To Do List

If you choose the Company→To Do List command in QuickBooks 2014, a to-do list window appears.

To add action items to the to-do list window, click the To Do button and describe the task by using the dialog box that appears. You can provide a description of the task and also specify things like the task priority, its due date, the customer connected to the task, and so forth.

To remove tasks from the to-do list window, double-click the task and then change the status to either Done or Inactive.

To print a to-do list, click the to-do list window’s Reports button

Use QuickBook Reminders so stuff gets gone

You might be interested to know that QuickBooks keeps track of stuff it thinks you ought to do: to-do tasks; accounting tasks (such as bank deposits it wants you to make); invoices, checks, and other items you should print; and so on.

You can see this little list by choosing the Company→Reminders command.

You can fine-tune the way QuickBooks reminds you about stuff by choosing the Edit→Preferences command, choosing the Reminders preference, clicking the Company Preferences tab, and then selecting or deselecting options as desired.

Stay ahead with QuickBooks alerts

One other, really useful task management tool within QuickBooks is the Alerts Manager window, which appears when you choose the Company→Alerts Manager command.

The Alerts Manager window displays a list of all sorts of prudent accounting task suggestions (such as, “Time to back up your data”) as well as legal requirements (“You need to send out those darn 1099s to your vendors”).

These reminders are truly useful for new or experienced business owners, accountants, and bookkeepers,