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15 Features That Don’t Convert and Don’t Exist in QuickBooks Online

By Elaine Marmel

The following information lists transactions and features that don’t convert from desktop QuickBooks to QuickBooks Online (QBO) and also have no comparable feature in QBO. Although one or more of these transactions or features might be deal breakers, remember that, for many of these features, you can use workarounds.

Type of Data or Feature Notes
Finance charges QBO converts existing finance charge invoices with no data loss
but contains no feature to automatically assess finance charges. If
you used finance charges in QuickBooks desktop, the conversion
process creates a QBO product or service item called Finance
Charge. You can use this item to manually assess finance
Receive Items QBO doesn’t support tracking items on purchases and has
no comparable feature for any of the ways you receive items in
desktop QuickBooks. All of these transactions convert to QBO as
Item price levels QBO doesn’t convert item price levels from desktop
QuickBooks and contains no feature to automatically adjust product
and service prices.
Shortcut list and icon bar settings These features don’t convert from desktop QuickBooks to
QBO and no comparable features exist in QBO. Keyboard shortcuts do
exist; anywhere in QBO, press Ctrl+Alt+/ to see the list.
Synchronize contacts QBO does not contain any way to synchronize your contacts with
other data sources.
Write letters QBO contains no comparable feature to the desktop QuickBooks
Write Letters feature.
Discounts QBO doesn’t automatically calculate terms discounts. QBO
converts discounts already given to customers in desktop QuickBooks
as credit memos and discounts taken from vendors as vendor
Pending sales No pending sales transactions convert from desktop QuickBooks
to QBO, and QBO contains no feature comparable to the pending
Progress invoices Currently, QBO doesn’t support turning an estimate into a
series of invoices as a project progresses. QBO converts progress
invoices from a desktop QuickBooks company to invoices in QBO, but
the following fields don’t convert: Estimate Qty, Estimate
Rate, Estimate Amount, Prior Quantity, Prior Average Quantity,
Prior Average Rate, Prior Amount, Prior %, Curr %, and Total
Preprinted forms and mailing labels QBO doesn’t print on Intuit preprinted sales forms and
doesn’t print mailing labels, but it does print checks to
Intuit vouchers and 1099s to preprinted 1099 forms.
To do notes QBO doesn’t convert QuickBooks desktop to do notes and
doesn’t contain a comparable feature.
Customer, vendor, and job types QBO doesn’t convert customer, vendor, or job types and
has no corresponding feature to categorize customers, vendors, or
Online bill payment QBO converts accounts you use for online bill payment, but no
online bill payment service is available in QBO. QBO converts
checks marked “To be Sent” in desktop QuickBooks, but not
their payment status.
Tax support QBO doesn’t convert or support tax line assignments and
doesn’t export information to Turbo Tax or other tax
preparation programs.
Fax invoices QBO contains no feature to fax invoices, but you can email