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MYOB Software For Dummies Cheat Sheet (Australian Edition)

Using MYOB for your business needs can be made even quicker and easier through these simple shortcuts. And if you need some help, there are many websites that offer support.

Super Shortcuts in MYOB

You can use shortcut keys regardless of what else you’re doing in MYOB at the time. For example, maybe you’re in the middle of recording a sale and you want to look up a supplier’s phone number. Simply press the Ctrl key on your keyboard and press the letter F to go straight to your Cards List. After you retrieve the info you need, press the Esc key to return to the sale.

MYOB Key or Keystroke Combination Shortcut Result
Ctrl-B Takes you to Receive Payments
Ctrl-D Takes you to Receive Money
Ctrl-E Takes you to Enter Purchases
Ctrl-F Displays your customer and suppliers list
Ctrl-Shift-F Displays the search function
Ctrl-G Takes you to Record Journal Entry
Ctrl-H Takes you to Spend Money
Ctrl-I Displays the Reports menu
Ctrl-J Takes you to Enter Sales
Ctrl-K Takes you to the Bank Register
Ctrl-L Opens up a list
Ctrl-M Takes you to Pay Bills
Ctrl-N Starts a new company file
Ctrl-O Opens a new company file
Ctrl-P Print what’s on screen
Ctrl-R Tells you about debits and credits
Ctrl-T Takes you to your To Do List
Ctrl-Y Takes you to Find Transactions
F1 Display Help menu

Cruising the Command Centres in MYOB

Getting straight to the command centre of your choice is simple in MYOB. Press the Ctrl key on your PC and at the same time press one of these numbers – and off you’ll go to the command centre of your desire!

Keystroke Combination Shortcut Result
Ctrl-1 Accounts command centre
Ctrl-2 Banking command centre
Ctrl-3 Sales command centre
Ctrl-4 Time Billing command centre
Ctrl-5 Purchases command centre
Ctrl-6 Payroll command centre
Ctrl-7 Inventory command centre
Ctrl-8 Card File command centre

Changing Text and Dates in MYOB

MYOB offers you many shortcuts to help simplify tasks. For example, you can copy and paste text in MYOB as you would in any word processor. Here are the shortcuts:

Keystroke Combination Shortcut Result
Ctrl-A Selects all highlighted text
Ctrl-C Copies text
Ctrl-V Pastes text
Ctrl-X Deletes or cuts text
Ctrl-Z Undoes the last bit of text you have written (sometimes!)

You can also change dates easily and quickly. While the date is highlighted, try the following:

Keystroke Combination Shortcut Result
T Changes the date to today
+ (plus sign) Shifts the date forwards by one day
– (minus sign) Shifts the date backwards by one day

Using the ALT Key in MYOB

Every command in MYOB includes an underlined letter. This underlined letter indicates a command that can be executed. To execute this command, press the Alt key followed by the relevant letter. Here are two examples:

  • In the Banking command centre, Alt+A becomes Reconcile Accounts

  • In the Payroll command centre, Alt+A becomes Process Payroll

Moving Around in MYOB

Learn to love your computer’s Tab key, moving forward and backwards through every window in MYOB. It’s so much easier and quicker than using your mouse.

Keystrokes Shortcut Result
Shift+Tab Moves backwards to the previous field
Enter or Tab Moves forwards to the next field
Ctrl+Enter Records a transaction
Alt+F4 Quits and packs up
Esc Takes you out of wherever you are
Ctrl+Tab Cycles through open windows

Handy Websites for MYOB Support

There are many websites that offer help for using MYOB and for running your own business. It’s a good idea to take advantage of any resources that you can. Here’s a list of places to start: