How to Change the Transparency of a Type Layer in Photoshop CS6

By Barbara Obermeier

You can change the transparency of a type layer, like you can with any other layer in Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite 6, reducing the opacity (transparency) of the type so that it allows the underlying layer to show through. Layers are like stacks of digital overlays on which each of the elements of your image reside.

[Credit: © Image #8559596]
Credit: © Image #8559596

Changing the opacity of a type layer can convey an idea of gradual visibility of words onto an image. When working with opacity in multiple layers of type, you can create a sort of non-animated fade-in, each with a greater opacity.


Another way to alter the transparency of type is to use a layer mask. By using a layer mask, you can customize your transparency with maximum flexibility and still edit the text to change the wording, font size, font, or anything else. Simply apply a gradient, or grab a brush and paint on the layer mask. The fun Drippy Water Color Brush is used here to paint on a layer mask.

[Credit: © Image #13815105]
Credit: © Image #13815105