How to Sync StumbleUpon with Your Social Media Accounts - dummies

How to Sync StumbleUpon with Your Social Media Accounts

By Steve Olenski, Nick Robinson

If you’re like millions of other people out there, you don’t want to use StumbleUpon in isolation. You probably already have a Facebook account, Twitter account, LinkedIn account, and/or Google account. And you’ll more than likely want to sync your StumbleUpon account with all of them so that everybody’s on the same page and sharing the same content.

The good news is, all of that can be done very easily and quickly! Here’s how you sync StumbleUpon with your social media accounts:

  1. Click the Connected Accounts link found at the top of the Settings page.

    Doing so brings you to a screen where you can — what else? — connect your accounts.


  2. Click the Connect Your Account link that’s associated with the desired social media network.

    Clicking that link brings up a dialog box prompting you to allow StumbleUpon access to that account.

    The Facebook permission screen.
    The Facebook permission screen.
  1. Do whatever the prompt requires you to do to give StumbleUpon access to that account.

    In the case of Facebook, a quick click of the Allow button means that your Facebook account and StumbleUpon account are synced — your activity on StumbleUpon shows up right on your Facebook timeline.