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5 Items to Include on Your Social Media Profile Page

By David F. Carr

The ability to look up people and follow or connect with them online is what puts the social in social collaboration. When others look you up, what will they see? Here is what you want them to see.

  • Name and title: If you are better known by a nickname or a shortened version of your name, make sure that your nickname is displayed in quotation marks, along with the name associated with your account. For instance, Bob Brown’s profile name might be Robert “Bob” Brown. Similarly, your title should be complete, descriptive, and up to date. If you change positions, remember to update your profile.

  • Professional photo: Whether this should be a formal portrait taken while you’re wearing a suit and tie or a more relaxed portrait in which you’re wearing a T-shirt depends to some extent on the nature, culture, and professional standards of your organization. That said, you want to look like someone people will respect and want to get to know.

    Your profile photo ought to be a recognizable picture of you. That means no cartoon avatars or dark sunglasses. If you’ve been collaborating online with someone you’ve met in person, you should recognize each other from your profile pictures if you cross paths in the hallway or at an event.

  • Correct and complete contact information: Tell people where you work and the best way to get in touch with you. If the information changes, be sure to update it.

  • “About me” blurb: Tell people a little about yourself. Some platforms display this autobiographical information more prominently than others. You don’t have to write a book, but even if not many people read this information you want it to be there for the collaboration network’s search engine to index. For example, detailing your employment history might mean you will show up in search when a colleague is trying to recruit someone from one of your former employers or arrange a business deal with that company.

  • Highlighted expertise: In what areas are you an expert or building your expertise? Mention those details in your profile. Again, some platforms highlight this information more than others. NewsGator provides a system for tagging profiles and matching those tags to questions posed on a given topic. If there’s no other place for this information, squeeze it into your “about me” blurb.