Your Facebook Timeline Page - dummies

By Marsha Collier

Click your name at the top right of any Facebook page, and you arrive on your Timeline (the page showing your public profile). Your Facebook Timeline is designed to chronicle your travels and activities. It can show how you categorize your life and times and digitally document your entire life, should you wish.

As you spend more time (okay, years) on Facebook, you’ll see clickable links on the right that take you to different years so you can look back and relive your memories. The page, as you see it, is exactly the way it looks to your friends when they visit your page.

Notice that there are links just below your name. These are just the start; by clicking the word More, you make many other options appear that tie into your Timeline.

Here’s the page of a brand new Facebook member with not much filled in:


In the following figure, you see a large photo at the top. This is your cover image (think of it as a kind of album cover). Your Cover photo is the first thing that people see when they come to your Facebook page.


Your Profile photo appears in the lower left side, inset into the cover. You can use a personal photo or one you find on a website that shares Facebook cover photos — pretty much any photo that expresses your mood at the time.

  1. Click Add a Cover on the right side of your page.

    After you have stored photos on Facebook you can change your cover to any of these other photos as well as upload a new one at any time.

  2. You will be prompted to upload a photo, and a window on your computer pops up.

  3. Go to the folder that holds your pictures, select one, click Upload, and the photo appears on your page.

    The photo appears as 851 pixels wide by 315 deep — but don’t be too concerned about the exact size; just stick to horizontal format pictures. Facebook enlarges your photo to fit the space if it’s too small. But the photo has to be at least 720 pixels wide, or Facebook asks you to select a different one. If your image is larger than 315 pixels in height, you have the option to reposition your image.

    Once you upload an image, you’ll see the words Drag to Reposition Cover.

  4. To center your photo vertically, mouse over (hover your mouse pointer in) that area; the cursor turns into a hand icon that you can use to drag the image up or down until you feel it’s centered just the way you want it.

  5. Click the Save Changes button, and your image appears at the top of your Facebook Timeline.

    The tabs that appear below your cover photo are

    • Timeline: Clicking here brings you back to your Timeline when you’re visiting one of the other tabs.

    • About: Clicking here brings you to the page that offers a bio and contact information.

    • Photos: Here’s where you see photos of you that you’ve posted, and images of you that other people have posted. Photos magically appear here when a friend tags you in a picture. Click here to go to a page with all your photos and albums.

    • Friends: As you accumulate friends on Facebook, teeny versions of their profile pictures appear here. When you click the box, a page with clickable links and pictures of all your friends will appear.

    • More: Clicking More produces a drop-down menu listing every section of your profile and connected apps. For example, Places represents (in map form) places where you’ve posted photos or events; Facebook encourages you tag the city, state, or country.

      By clicking Places, you go to a map pinned to represent all the places you’ve posted from. In the text box at the top, you can also add places you’ve visited.


    If you click Manage Sections at the bottom of the section list, you can indicate whether to show more or fewer sections — and change the order in which they appear.