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Writing a Post or Asking a Group Question

By Carolyn Abram

If you are in a Facebook group you may want to write a post or ask a question of your fellow group members. Posts are status updates that you share only with the members of a Group (unless the Group is open, in which case anyone can see your post). You might post an update just to say hi or to start a discussion with Group members. To write a post, follow these steps:

  1. Click into the Write Something text box at the top of the Group page (as shown in the following figure).

    Write Post box that appears on all Facebook Group pages.

    After you click into the box, you see the Post button appear below the text box along with buttons to indicate where you are and which other Facebook members are with you.

  2. Type whatever you want to say into the box.

  3. Click Post.

    Your post appears on the Group wall, and Group members see it in their notifications and possibly in their News Feeds.

If you want to share a link, usually some sort of article, video, or other online content that you want the Group to see, simply type or paste in the complete link to whatever you want to share, along with your thoughts or opinions, into the text box for writing a Post.

Using the Question feature is great for polling a Group of people about choices big and small. To poll your Group, follow these steps:

  1. Click Ask Question in the Publisher at the top of the Group Wall.

    The Question Publisher appears.

  2. Type your question into the Ask Something box.

  3. Click the Add Poll Options link beneath the text box.

    When you Ask a Question on a Facebook Group, you can add options so that other people choose the one they like.

    This expands the poll options

  4. Type your first option into the first Add an Option box.

    Facebook auto-completes these boxes as you type and assumes you are typing in a place, brands, article titles, or other non-friend entities.

  5. Add more options until you’re finished.

    Facebook keeps adding more boxes as you fill up these first few, so just stop when you’re ready.

  6. Choose whether people can add more options.

    A check box labeled Allow Anyone to Add Options controls this setting. Allowing this means people can add more answers to a Poll (so if before people could only choose Dog or Cat, Group members may be able to add Hedgehog as an option) Depending on how big your Group is, this may or may not be a significant choice.

  7. Click Post.

    The question then appears on the Group Wall and in member’s notifications and News Feeds. They will be able to vote, Like, or comment on the Question.