Which Facebook Ad Type Is Best for Your Business? - dummies

Which Facebook Ad Type Is Best for Your Business?

By Amy Porterfield, Phyllis Khare, Andrea Vahl

Although answering that question fully would require time invested in analyzing your business, you can jump-start your thinking about the advertising opportunities on Facebook. Some ad types are bound to fit better than others with your business goals.

In general, you can try a sequence of Facebook ad types, no matter what your business. The sequence goes like this:

  1. Create an ad to garner Page Likes: This type will build up the number of fans you have. You will need to create an ad that makes it really easy for people to click the Like link right from their news feed page.

  2. Create an ad that is targeted to the people who have Liked your Page (fans): This ad should direct your fans to an upcoming event, new product, whatever is your e-commerce links.

  3. Create a Sponsored Story ad: This ad will be seen by the friends of the people who have Liked your Page or Liked or commented on the second type of ad. This will widen your reach considerably and bring more people to your Page.

Say your business sells baby toys. You have built your business Page and it looks fantastic! Now you want to get more page Likes so you can have more parents see your posts about new toys and testimonials and order from your online store in their news feed.

  1. Create an ad to garner Page Likes.

    Think about using an image of one of your toys (maybe something colorful and fun looking). Your Page name will be linked automatically at the top of this type of ad and then you can have text similar to “Who likes to play with toys when the baby’s not around?”

    A Like link will be at the bottom of this type of ad. Target this ad to parents and any other demographic targets you want (age, location, likes, and so on). Once you have collected a good number of new fans, create the next type of ad.

  2. Next, create an ad that is targeted to the people who have Liked your Page (fans).

    Now you can create an ad that is only seen by the people who have Liked your Page. You know that most of these people are in your buying demographic and secretly love toys! Create an ad that is linked to an external URL where your toys are sold (your ecommerce page or site).

    You will be able to create the text of the title of this type of ad. Maybe say something like, “Your Favorite Toy is Here” and then have a picture of a very happy (or surprised) young face and descriptive text to the effect of, “We have found it, your favorite toy, waiting for you. It is green and yellow and made of sunshine. You left it here when you grew up. . . . ”

    Make sure in the targeting section you open the advanced connection targeting and target users who are connected to your Page.

  3. Create a Sponsored Story ad.

    Now you want to reach out to the friends of your fans with a Sponsored Story ad. This creates a loop; new fans, fans go to ecommerce, fan’s friends are targeted to create new fans, and so on.

    There are several types of Sponsored Story ads types. For this example, a Page Like Story may work best. This type will provide the social proof you need to garner more Likes for your Page. Notice the top line that shows a thumbnail of the friend that Likes the page with the text “Phyllis Khare likes…” Facebook will decide which friend to highlight in this space.


Running this sequence of ads will continually find you new fans for your Page, and then you can target those new fans with your ecommerce ads.