Welcome to Facebook — Confirm Your Identity - dummies

By Marsha Collier

After the three steps in the Facebook profile-building process are completed (or skipped, based on your choices), you come to a page welcoming you to Facebook; in a ribbon at the top of the screen, you see a notification suggesting you go to your e-mail to complete the sign-up process.

  1. Go to your e-mail now and find the e-mail from Facebook.

    This is their way of being sure that you’ve supplied the correct e-mail address and you are indeed a living person.

  2. Open the e-mail, and it should look similar to the one shown.

    Note that the e-mail has a clickable link to confirm your account to Facebook. Click Confirm Your Account in the e-mail and you will be taken back to Facebook, with a pop-up indicating that you have confirmed your account.


  3. The Facebook landing page welcomes you to Facebook. Steps on this page help you further fill out your Facebook profile.

    Because you have already completed (or skipped) some steps, either scroll down this page or (preferably) click the link at the upper left of your screen (under your full name) that says Edit Profile. This enables you to add things like personal interests, contact information, and affiliations to your profile.