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Viewing Profiles on Facebook Mobile

By Carolyn Abram

Profiles on Facebook Mobile are designed differently than Profiles on the regular Facebook site. A lot of information from specific applications may be absent from your Profile. Moreover, the structure is ordered such that the information you’re after is closest to the top. When you arrive at any mobile Profile, you see the most usable and actionable subset of the available information. A See Full Profile link at the bottom gives you access to the rest.

Access to information on mobile Profiles is the same as on the regular site. When you look at your Profile on the mobile site, you see your information, but that doesn’t mean everyone has access to it. They have access only to what you specify via the privacy settings on the regular site:

  • Wall: When you visit a friend’s Profile, you land on their Wall tab, where you can see their most recent posts, whether that’s a status update or a photo. You can also see how many people Liked or commented on their status, and you can add to those counts yourself by doing the same. You can also use the text box to leave a post on your friend’s Wall to say hello.

  • Info tab: To see the Info tab, you likely have to click the link to it located above Profile picture. This shows the same information you can see on that person’s Info tab on the normal site, but reordered to be mobile-friendly. Contact info is right at the top of the Info tab because when you look someone up on a mobile phone, you’re often after a number or address. If the person has his phone number listed here, you can select it to start the call.

  • Photos tab: Also above the Profile picture is a link to go to a Photos tab. This allows you to see all your friend’s photos by album.

  • Profile picture and Info: The first thing you see is their current Profile picture. You can also see some of their most basic info such as where they work and where they went to school.

By the way, your Mobile Inbox functions the same as the Inbox on the regular site, but you access it in a compacted view. In the Mobile Inbox, your messages are sorted by the time the last message on a thread was sent. Each thread includes the sender’s name, the date or how recently the message was sent and a snippet of the message.